My Book

Published on March 15th, 2016, my book is called “The King’s Decree”, the first part in the series of the same name. It is available on most online retailers – eBay, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and CreateSpace e-store. Copies are $10 each, unless a private retailer is selling it for a different cost. I hope to publish the book on Kindle, and I am currently working on book two. Reviews have been very positive so far and I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback. I thank God I was even able to finish it in the first place! 🙂 It was a lot of work – over 18 months, I think, but definitely worth it. The description is as follows:

When seventeen-year-old Eleania learns of the death of King Ridgegard, she is sent to his son’s coronation along with four other young elves. Once there they learn that the new king may not be as benevolent as his father, and they, along with elves everywhere, may be in grave danger. In the midst of their peril, Eleania and her friends are given a mission. Should they complete it, they may learn a way to defeat the king. Should they fail, they will face capture and possibly death.