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The King’s Decree Book Signing

I got invited to do a book signing at a local homeschooler group! I’m so excited! The signing will be on April 22nd. I have nine books on the way, and my parents are going to order some more. Thanks to CreateSpace, I get books for reduced cost when I order them, so I can sell them and make back all the money I spend on them. I’ll post my signature soon to give you an idea.


My book

So, a little about my book! I have titled it The King’s Decree. It’s available from Amazon by visiting this link and it’s also available on the CreateSpace e-store, for ten dollars from either retailer. As far as I know, I’m not in Barnes & Noble yet, but hey, maybe they ordered ten thousand copies and didn’t tell me so. 🙂 If you’ve read it, let me know!

Here’s the description:

When seventeen-year-old Eleania learns of the death of King Ridgegard, she is sent to his son’s coronation along with four other young elves. Once there they learn that the new king may not be as benevolent as his father, and they, along with elves everywhere, may be in grave danger. In the midst of their peril, Eleania and her friends are given a mission. Should they complete it, they may learn a way to defeat the king. Should they fail, they will face capture and possibly death.