The Mystic Chronicles Website

Hello again, dear readers! I am back after just writing a post yesterday, and this time I come bearing gifts. As you probably remember, I’ve been discussing my upcoming novel, “The Mystic Chronicles: Power Unchained”, and promised to keep you posted. Well, my co-writer and I have created a better way for you to receive updates, and all you have to do is type in your email.

It’s called “The Hall of Elements”, and it is an official fansite for the series. While there’s not much to do yet, you can still join our mailing list and browse the pages we have set up. Not to mention our four forums, where you can question us about the book to your heart’s content (though we can’t guarantee an answer – we must keep some secrets, or the book won’t sell!) Check out “The Hall of Elements” by clicking on this link, and please share our site with anyone and everyone who would be interested.

If you have any further questions about “The Hall of Elements” or the series is general, feel free to ask here or in one of the forums.


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