Upcoming Short Stories

Hello everyone!

I have recently had two short stories accepted for publication on online magazines! Even better, both of these magazines are free, so you’ll be able to read them when they are released. My first story is called “The Choice of a Girl”  and will be distributed on the Jumbelbook platform. I do not currently have a date for when that story will be made public, so tuck it away in the back of your mind and expect to hear from me about it soon.

My other short story is historical fiction, set in the American Revolution, which I am a little more than mildly obsessed with. That one is called “His Excellency” and is going to be published in The Copperfield Review. I do have a date for that one; it is going to be released the week of July 17th.


Also, since I’ve promised to keep you posted about my upcoming novel “Power Unchained”, which I’m writing with my cousin, I can tell you that we are still in the editing stages, though we’re working through them. Slowly, but surely, we are working through them. ;D

Look for “The Choice of a Girl” and “His Excellency” coming soon!


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