I Am Returned

After months of unplanned hiatus, the Author Dragon H.G. Warrender once more swoops in to take her place at the helm of her blog, The Eccentric Author.


In other words, I’m back and both TEA and MH are going to be better than ever! Did you miss me?


To celebrate my return, I’m brining you all great news: I have an upcoming book that you should know about! This book is one I’ve co-authored with my cousin, Carynn. It is another the first in another fantasy series, but of a different nature. This series is not High Fantasy or even traditional fantasy with castles and kings (though there are still dragons.) Rather, it is what could be considered “Urban Fantasy”, though it really sticks closer to the style of Harry Potter.

Essentially, this book, which by the way is titled “Power Unchained”, focuses around twenty-five magic users called Mystics. Each is born with a different power. Each power passes into one person every other generation. For a brief period the former Mystic and the current share the power, and then it passes fully over to the new one and the older becomes a mere human. All the powers have finally been gathered into one place after centuries apart, and to ensure that no Mystic is ever untrained as they once were, the current twenty-five have established a home and training ground for the new ones, who are currently between the ages of 14 and 18. For the new twenty-five Mystics, their new life is riddled with mystery, confusion, freedom, romance, exploration, and peril as they learn more about their powers – and about themselves.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Carynn and I certainly think so. We are nearly done with the editing process, and if all goes well, ought to have the book published by the end of summer.


Anyway, expect more posts from me, because as I said – I am back, and back to stay!


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