Book #6

Well, I expect you’re ready to hear how “What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours” was, but I didn’t end up reading it. I got about three pages in when I realized that maybe this was not a book for a 15-year-old girl (if you’re curious to find out why, just read the book yourself). Since it was a book of stories, I glanced at the others and didn’t find appeal in them either, so I picked a different book – a memoir about God’s grace.


The story of a blogger named Edie’s hard childhood and redeeming adulthood, this book was beautiful and moving. Edie went through so many difficult things in her life – dealing with an alcoholic father, a divorce, and depression – but she overcame it all through the love of her new husband and God. I’m very glad I read this book.

And now, onward!

A book you own but haven’t read.
A book that was made into a movie.
A book you pick solely because of the cover.
A book your friend loves.
A book published this year.
A book by an author you’ve never read before.
A book by an author you love.
A book at the bottom of your to-read pile.
A book with a color in the title.
A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit.
A book you started but never finished.
A book with a lion, a witch, or a wardrobe.
A book with a female heroine.
A book set in the summer.
A book of poems.
A book you learned about because of this challenge.
A book that will make you smarter.
A book with a blue cover.
A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t.
A book “everyone” but you has read.
A book with a great first line.
A book with pictures.
A book from the library.
A book you loved – read it again!
A book that is more than ten years old.
A book based on a true story.

There are a lot of authors I’ve never read before, so this one is easy. Here is my next book:


I have to request it from the library, so it may take a little while for it to come in. Bear with me. I’ll read it as fast as I can when it comes.

In the mean time, while I wait for my next great read, maybe you’ll find yours in my novel, The King’s Decree, available on Amazon for only $10.00! (Subtle Promotion. :D)


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