New Ocarina!

Hello all people of the world! (Or rather, all people of the world visiting this blog.) H.G. here after a Sherlock-worthy hiatus. I’m still working on “Hamlet,” but I’m almost done, and then I’m excited to move on to book two. I’ve already picked it out, but I mustn’t reveal it yet. 🙂

Anyway, today my family and I went up to Woodstock, New York. We visited a monastery and went into some shops, and we also went to lunch at an Asian restaurant (best and only Bento I’ve ever had.) At one of the shops, I got a new ocarina!

What is an ocarina, you may ask? Well, an ocarina is a small instrument that can have anywhere from four to over twenty holes. Ocarinas are usually roundish in shape and have a mouthpiece that sometimes comes off of the body of the instrument. They also are found in Zelda games. (To learn more, click this link.) The one I bought has six holes. I already own two others, a plastic twelve-hole – one of the more common ocarina types – and another six-hole, ceramic. The one I got today I believe is from Peru, and yet it only cost me (or rather, my dad) five dollars! I’ve never played a wooden ocarina before, so we’ll have to see how it goes. It can fit into my pocket, and there’s an attachment place for a cord if I want to put it around my neck. I shall have music everywhere I go!

Photo on 8-5-16 at 4.50 PM #3Photo on 8-5-16 at 4.51 PM #3


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