Sneak Peek

Hello, all! I know I have been silent for a while, so I’m not going to make any excuses – I should have written more, and I’m very sorry. 😦 Anyway, in between fan fictions and working on the sequel to The King’s Decree, I’ve been working on another series. This time, I’m co-authoring with my cousin Carynn, a teen scientist and fellow writer, who also runs several blogs. We’ve been playing with the idea for our story for a while, and recently we’ve settled down and gotten to it. Now, we’re planning almost every day and working hard, sketching and designing maps even in spare time.

I can’t reveal to much about the series, but here is what I will tell you. The series focuses around a fantasy school, similar to “Harry Potter”, “A School for Good and Evil”, “Percy Jackson,” “Princess Academy”, etc. Each student has a different power and at the school, they learn how to use them to help the world. You can’t apply to this academy – twenty-five people are born every sixty years with these powers and will use them to help the world. You’re born to come here, or you aren’t.

Students come from all over the world – some from America, some from Europe, from Asia, from the Middle East, all gathered in this academy to learn from the people who had their powers before them. The school is a full academy, with dorms, a cafeteria, and classroom buildings. It’s really cool, and we’re so excited to continue with it!

If anyone loves this so much that you’d like an excerpt, let me know and I’ll talk with Carynn!


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