Last Cape Night


Today was our last full day on Cape Cod! Tomorrow we’ll go out to breakfast before heading home. The trip is about four hours with rest stops, but hopefully we’ll be able to make it back in less time than that if we don’t stop for lunch.

Today was a late start. We went to Chatam and arrived at about one, and walked the main street to go shopping. I did not buy anything, as I spent a lot at a general store in Brewster yesterday to get supplies for the craft fair I hope to have a booth at in October. There wasn’t much that caught my interest, anyway. As you can see from the map up there, Chatam is near the bottom of the Cape.

Locate the area on the map called Orleans. There’s a beach, Skaket Beach, in that town which has a great space and isn’t shark-dangerous in any way, and fairly shallow, as it’s further inland than other cape beaches. At low tide there are all these little islands to walk on, so we took a spin around those after Chatam and ice cream. They’re called Tidal Flats.


Pretty, right? Although, it was only four thirty when we went, so no magical sunset feel. We have been out on other years in the evening, though, so I can tell you that this picture is really what it looks like. If you’re in Cape Cod, you must go to Skaket.

Oh, and also, this morning I got up at five to try wake-back-to-bed lucid dreaming and I had a snack…


Yum. So good. If you don’t know what lucid dreaming is, look it up! Sadly, I did not have a lucid dream. Better luck tonight?

Anyway, my sister is pestering me to go pack, so off I go. See you tomorrow for details of our trip home!


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