“Writer Things”

So, I just created this blog five minutes ago and already I have three likes and a follower. Isn’t that great! Thanks so much to those four!

Anyway, what pops into your head when you hear the word “writer”? You probably think of the stereotype – a bespectacled introvert staying inside all day drinking coffee and typing away on her laptop. In fact, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll ever meet two writers who are exactly the same. Certainly, some have glasses and most of us have had to spend days indoors editing manuscripts, it’s true. But just like all books that don’t have blatant plagiarism (*cough cough* Eragon *cough cough*) are different, so all writers are different. Each writer has his or her own voice, style, and methods. But there are some things that connect us, things all writers can relate to. We are a diverse group of people, true, but we are still a group. So today I’ll be talking about my favorite “writer things” that some of my kindred may understand.

#1 is my workspace. I have a desk in my room chocked with notebooks, pens, and a typewriter that’s long out of ink crammed underneath a shelf. That’s where I do my poetry, some fan fiction, journaling – whatever I’m in the mood for. But my actual computer that I do all of my “Decree” based work on is a MacBook Air. At first I had my mom’s old Think Pad, but that broke (no surprise there!) and I was stranded at the library computer until the family’s new MacBook Air came. There’s something nice about logging onto my account, typing in my password, and seeing that Lord of the Rings wallpaper before I head off to check my sales.

#2  is my glasses! Not all writers have glasses of course, but it’s become such a stereotype that I just needed to talk about it a little. You can see in the picture of me (I should be updating that soon) that I have squarish black glasses. They’re Marc Jacobs brand, and I love them! So much better then those squinty little glasses with a teeny strip of glass to look out of. I feel like they make me look true bookish and author-like. But they do get smudged easily. Ugh.

#3 is another stereotype – coffee. I ADORE coffee. My mom always tells me it rots my teeth, but I don’t care. My teeth look fine to me. I don’t actually sit with a hot-brewed mug as I develop plots before my Mac, though. We don’t own a coffee machine, and anyway I dislike it hot. No, I just chug down one of these bad boys whenever I can:


It’s all about the caramel, baby, all about that caramel.

#4 is personality! I am NOT an introvert! I am actually an ENFP, an Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving individual, as per the Myers Briggs personality test. This means that if given the choice between partying and staying home, let me get my purse!

So, those are my writer things… what are yours?


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